Optimize the performance of your website

What should you consider when optimizing your website?

The optimization of your website or eCommerce is not an easy task. It must involve different types of professionals with different skills and that is what we can provide at Blueant Solutions. These are the important points you should keep in mind when optimizing your website:

Development / Code

When a website is slow there are many points to check, and one that needs to be given special attention is the quality of the developed code to see if there are any bottlenecks.


The configuration of the server and its characteristics play an important role in the speed of the site. For this you must start by checking the basic elements such as HTTPS, GZip, http/2, cache expiration, etc.

Design / UX

One of the main points is to always improve the user experience for any device. Normally elements that are not correctly placed or not working as expected make the abandonment rate multiply.

SEO and Web Content

Optimization of your page so it appears in different search engines and the optimization of the content that the web shows (images, videos, CSS, Javascript, etc.) is essential nowadays.

Main advantages of a good optimization

Better search engine positioning

SEO optimization, faster loading speed and responsive design translates into better and faster indexing, giving you a better “score”, which translates into better positioning.

Best user experience

The final user is the one who should be comfortable visiting and interacting with your website. This is a vital importance when we talk about eCommerce since it translates into greater conversion.

Accessible from all devices

Currently 70% or more of the traffic on a website is generated from mobile devices, so you must have your website optimized for all devices.

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